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All of our virtual phone numbers come with free monthly inbound calls and text messages (SMS). We offer pay-as-you-go pricing and we have no monthly minimum commitment.

Verifyr offers the ability to receive text and calls directly in our app. Integrate it into your workflows and processes. Phone numbers and text messages are the most cost-effective, easy way to communicate with your customers. Verifyr offers a lot of tools you can leverage to integrate phone numbers into your processes and workflows.

Virtual Phone Numbers from United States

Dedicated phone numbers from United States

Virtual Phone Numbers from United Kingdom

Dedicated phone numbers from United Kingdom

Virtual Phone Numbers from Canada

Dedicated phone numbers from Canada

Virtual Phone Numbers from Australia

Dedicated phone numbers from Australia

Virtual Phone Numbers from Austria

Dedicated phone numbers from Austria

Virtual Phone Numbers from Denmark

Dedicated phone numbers from Denmark

Virtual Phone Numbers from Germany

Dedicated phone numbers from Germany

Virtual Phone Numbers from Netherland

Dedicated phone numbers from Netherland

Online phone numbers are the future of communication, providing businesses and individuals with a convenient and flexible way to stay connected. With an online phone number, you can make and receive calls and texts from anywhere with an internet connection, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere. Online phone numbers are also often more affordable than traditional phone numbers, as they do not require the set up of additional physical phone lines. Additionally, online phone numbers can be easily managed and configured online, giving you greater control over your phone system. Overall, online phone numbers are a powerful tool for businesses and individuals looking to improve their communication and stay connected.


Webhooks allow you to receive notifications from Verifyr via HTTPS and make them directly accessible on your app. This makes it possible to receive calls, messages, and other notifications when they occur.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding allows you to forward calls to another phone number when your line is busy or unreachable. In addition, callers can also leave messages for you without having to wait for an agent to answer.

SMS forwarding

Text messages forwarding allows you to forward SMS to another mobile number. Also you can forward your incoming text message to Email or create an auto response to the sender.

Auto record

Auto record automatically records incoming calls and messages so that agents have full context about the conversation when they return.

Voice mailbox

A voice mailbox allows you to save voicemail messages in case of emergency or if you need help contacting an agent on your account. You can also set up text-to-speech so that when someone leaves a message for you it will automatically play back on the same device where it was left.

automated tasks for 2FA requests

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